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Mock Driving Tests

Mock Driving Tests with Wolverhampton Driver Trainers

Your Wolverhampton Driver Trainers driving instructor can conduct a mock driving test for you during one of your regular driving lessons.

Mock Driving Tests with a Different Driving Instructor

Your Wolverhampton Driver Trainers Driving Instructor can also arrange a Mock Driving Test for you with a different Driving Instructor.

This will have all of the same advantages as a mock driving test with your regular driving instructor, but it will also have some additional advantages:

If you choose this option your Mock Driving Test, Driving Examiner will be an experienced Driving Instructor who is also an examiner for advanced driving tests (you will not be expected to be an advanced driver)

Mock Driving Test Procedure

Your Mock Driving Test will typically be conducted during a 3 hour session, similar to your real driving test

Your regular driving instructor will meet you at the start of your driving lesson

You will then have a practice or warm up driving session lasting about an hour.

You will then meet your Mock Driving Test Driving Examiner close to the location of your driving test centre.

You will then run through the full driving test procedure:

Your regular driving instructor will sit in the back of the car throughout your mock driving test, but just the same as on a real driving test, they will not take any part in proceedings, they are there as an observer.

Your Mock Driving Test will last approximately 40 to 45 minutes.

At the End of Your Mock Driving Test

At the end of the mock driving test you will then have the opportunity for a detailed discussion, which might include:

The discussion will not be a one way lecture.

The aim is for it to be a conversation that you are fully involved in, and that hopefully you find beneficial.

The duration of this discussion will vary but it typically lasts about 30 minutes

The remaining time of your training session will be used by you and your driving instructor for your return journey home, and to continue your driving practice, in preparation for your real driving test, and for good safe driving beyond.

Mock Driving Test Fees

Mock Driving Test FeesManualAutomatic
3 Hour Training Session with your Driving Instructor£96.00£108.00
Mock Driving Test
including discussion and feedback with a different Driving Instructor

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