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Learning to drive is a very useful skill, it can help job prospects, and give you more freedom, no longer having to rely on buses, trains taxis, or lifts from family and friends.

Learning to drive is not just about passing a driving test, it is important to have the skills, the knowledge and the ability to drive after you have passed the driving test.

Driving Test Success, along with safe and confident driving mean that it is important to learn properly, your Wolverhampton Driver Trainers professional driving instructor will be able to provide you with a structured course tailored to your abilities and needs.

How Long Will It Take To Learn To Drive?

It can be tempting to try to get through a driving test as quickly as possible with as few lessons as possible, but realistically, going for a driving test before you are properly ready is not going to result in success.

Department for Transport (DfT) research indicates that successful driving test candidates have had an average of 45 hours of professional driving tuition and 22 hours of practice with family or friends.

These are averages, some people will need more hours, and some fewer, the important thing is not to aim for the fewest hours possible, but to ensure that you have had enough tuition and practice, so that you can be confident both of success in the driving test, and even more importantly that you have the skills and ability to keep safe on the roads after passing your driving test.

The number of hours tuition you will actually require will depend on:

How soon you take a Driving Test will depend on:

Wolverhampton Driver Trainers can offer you three options of how you structure your Driving Course:

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